Learn the home buying process with NO sales pitches and no pressure. Learn how owning a home affects your taxes, how to choose a loan that’s right for you, a realtor and a lending institution, what home inspectors and home appraisers do, what insurance options you will have, the steps to take to clean up credit, set a goal and become a better saver, and all about the programs available to help you buy your first home!

HUD Approved and NeighborWorks America Certified

  • No prospecting or selling

  • Confidential one-on-one help available

  • NCHEC certified counselors and instructors

  • Information on local and Montana specific loan and savings programs

  • Class comes with reference material and resources

Registration - Advanced registration is required. Please call

(406) 758-5420 to register or email kbullock@capnwmt.org

Workshop Fee - FREE – Each person listed on your loan must attend the workshop. Please call for any special requests or arrangements. 

Counseling - One on One counseling is free and specific to your situation. Please let the workshop leader know if you want a private appointment. Or, if you are not attending the workshop, please call (406) 758-5420 to make an appointment.

Location - Community Action Partnership of NW MT (CAPNM), 214 Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901

If you have special needs such as those covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, please let us know and we can make accommodations for you.

Note - Our classroom is not suitable for children. Please make child arrangements.

Questions - Contact 406-758-5420

Funded in partnership by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Montana Board of Housing and NeighborWorks Montana. The class is required for the NWMTCLT program.

Workshop Schedule 2018

• Workshops run from 9AM - 5PM •

located at CAPNM
214 Main St | Kalispell

  • February 3

  • March 3

  • April 7

  • May 5

  • June 2

  • July 7

  • August 4

  • September 8

  • October 6

  • November 3

  • December 1

located at RE/MAX
2310 HWY 2 E | Kalispell

  • February 20

  • March 20

  • April 17

  • May 15

  • June 13

  • July 17

  • No Class in August

  • September 18

  • October 16

  • November 20

  • December 18


Northwest Montana Community Land Trust, Inc. is committed to preserving the affordability of housing - one owner after another, one generation after another, in perpetuity.




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