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Think that you cannot buy a home?

Think again - Let us give you the opportunity to make your dreams a reality.


Partnering with NWMTCLT gives you all the benefits of traditional homeownership, plus:

  • Prices You Can Afford – This means truly affordable monthly housing payments. NWMTCLT Homes are significantly less expensive than the homes' market-rate value. Many of our homeowners pay close to what they paid in rent. Meet NWMTCLT homeowners.

  • Safe Loans with Low/No Required Down Payment  – Everyone should have access to safe and secure financing. We offer resources for reduced interest rates on fixed rate loans, without paying private mortgage insurance.

  • Build Equity Safely - NWMTCLT provides ongoing support before and after you purchase your home.  We want our homeowners to be successful and have homes that last for generations. 


Purchasing a home through the Land Trust ensures both an affordable path to homeownership for current and future families.

When you buy a home through the our program, you become a part of the NWMTCLT family. In doing so, you agree to the following things:

  • You or your family will continue to live in the home for as long as you own it.

  • You will keep the home in good repair.

  • When or if you sell your home, it will be sold to another moderate-income buyer for an affordable price or back to the Land Trust.

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