What to do and expect when selling your NWMTCLT home.

Introduction and Overview of Timeline

When a CLT homeowner wants to move, there are several options. The home can be sold directly to an income-qualified buyer, can be sold back to the CLT, or it can be given to other qualified heir of the homeowner.

All CLTs ensure that when a CLT homeowner sells their home they get all of their equity (the amount of money that they used as a down-payment as well as the portion of the mortgage paid off) plus a portion of the appreciated value of the home.


The sales price for the home is determined using an independent appraisal of the value of the house and the resale formula outlined in the ground lease. Different CLTs have different resale formulas.


Please review this page and the associated documents so that you know the steps to take to prepare to sell your home and you’ll know what to expect during the process. 

First, we want to manage your timing expectations. The whole process can take about 60-105 days.

If you are hoping to purchase another home, please WAIT to enter into a purchase and sale agreement to purchase a home until you’re well on your way to selling your CLT home. 

1. Notification, Home Inspection, and Photos. You must first give Northwest Montana Community Land Trust, Inc. formal notice that you intend to sell your home. You do this by submitting via email, postal mail, or hand delivery of the document you see here.

NWMTCLT staff will then contact you to schedule a walk-through of your home to identify deferred maintenance issues and take photos. Please make sure to ready your home for photos prior to submitting your resale documents

2. Determining Your Resale Formula Price. After NWMTCLT staff completes the walk-through of your home and appraisal has been completed, NWMTCLT is able to determine the maximum resale formula price under article 10 of the ground lease.  

3. Entering into a contract and proceeding towards closing. The homeowner(s) will work with NWMTCLT staff to come to an agreement with buying time, appliances, and the condition of the home.

4. Moving out and moving on. Please be sure to take all your belongings with you, do not leave any garbage or packaging materials, clean out the fridge, clean the carpets and leave your home in the condition that you found it in. 

Why do CLTs use a resale formula to calculate the sales price?

The resale formula preserves the affordability for the next family who will buy the CLT home. The resale formula gives the homeowner 100% of their earned equity plus 25% of any market equity.

The example below shows how the selling price for a CLT home would be determined. This example uses resale guidelines that determine the sales price by adding 25% of the increase in value of a Community Land Trust.


Northwest Montana Community Land Trust, Inc. is committed to preserving the affordability of housing - one owner after another, one generation after another, in perpetuity.




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