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community land trust montana

Sharry became a single mom of 2 boys, ages 3 & 5, in 2001. She was always the sole and consistent breadwinner in the family & had a stable job with Kalispell Regional Medical Center where she still works today. Her goal was to have a home of her own by the time her oldest son entered high school.

After many years of struggling, making too much money to access social services, and not enough to cover all of her living expenses, she was forced to file bankruptcy. She worked hard to rebuild her credit and in 2010 began looking at housing options for her family. Sharry was looking at homes in the foreclosed market but most of them in her price range needed a lot of work and, as a single mom of now 2 busy teenagers, she had neither the time nor money to buy something that needed a lot of work. Then the Daily Inter Lake newspaper ran an article about the Neighborhood Stabilization Program grant award to the City of Kalispell and the formation of the Northwest Montana Community Land Trust (NWMTCLT).


Sharry called Community Action Partnership the very next day and came one step closer to her goal. The CLT was the perfect match for her situation. She was able to move out of her rental and into a newer, completely rehabilitated home (under 10 years old). When the mortgage loan process was complete, Sharry and her sons were moving into a home that was not only affordable but that belonged to her and her sons. Sharry’s mortgage, taxes & home owners insurance were equal to the amount she had previously paid in rent and her monthly budget was still intact.


Sharry’s oldest son was halfway through his senior year on move-in day! GOAL ACHIEVED! Sharry can’t say enough about what the NWMTCLT means to her and her family. If not for the NWMTCLT she is sure she would still be renting her little 3 bedroom apartment. By achieving this goal Sharry believed that she was truly was providing for her children & achieved something that her boys could look at and be proud.

The Devall Family

Kalispell, MT

“How fortunate that I take the Friday daily paper (for the TV schedule)!! Otherwise I would still be languishing in my senior housing apartment unaware of your wonderful program.


Having never lived in an apartment, being away from wildlife - birds, wild turkeys, deer, and occasionally moose, bear, and even a wolf- I was losing my ‘zest for living’. I read the article on the front page (of the Daily Interlake) regarding the Land Trust program (Northwest Montana Community Land Trust), looked it up on the internet, went to the open house, and made my offer the next day. It was perfect (not that I expect all that wildlife)!!


Thanks to this program, I have regained my ‘zest for living’! I love the house and the location!!


Thank you to the people who have made this possible – you know who you are!


Here’s to ‘Zest’ and more people signing a 30 year mortgage at 86!!


The Eternal Optimist,


Jan Tow”

In the words of Jan Tow

Kalispell, MT

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